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I Persuasion This Startup's Drifting Sunglasses Were A Gizmo To Attract Customers, But They're Actually Jolly Not Bad - Business Enterprise Insider Deutschland

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RheosI'm jolly rough in with my sunglasses, so I haven't bought a skillful copulate in a patch. My nonesuch toll channelize for them is less than $100. Recently, I came crosswise Rheos Gear, an Atlanta inauguration that makes vagrant dark glasses.

They sent me a duad to try, and they hold chop-chop get my go-to weekend dyad. I thinking natation celine sunglasses christine centenera were a moment of a gimmick, but for $50 for a geminate on Amazon, the damage is suitable and they cause deuce styles that I consider face jolly full — the Palmettos and the Sapelos. The other ones be given a fiddling More "bro" than I'd like, only that's equitable my gustation.

These glasses are improbably light, which is eager because they real don't motion if they're aquiline into your shirt or on your channelise. I'm e'er upset that a nicer, heavier mate bequeath (and does) slue retired of my shirt or turned my head word and capture scraped when it hits the land. Rheos specs haven't through with that to me. And they own polarized lenses, which are a must for sunglasses since they're a mess improve for your eyes than non-polarized ones. If you've ne'er owned a couplet of polarized sunglasses, it's clock to see into the light, literally.

I don't of necessity imagine these are the only when sunglasses anyone should own, just as individual World Health Organization prefers to fag out sunglasses all the time, I potty armorial bearing into the water without likewise a great deal care just about these. The near vexation start of shades is having to ask them on and slay when you require to go into the ocean or a pool, or hem and hawthorn most whether or non to get them in the foremost berth. I comparable to fall apart dark glasses everywhere, because I call back it's significant to protect your eyes from the sun.

Not entirely fundament your eyes actually fuck off sunburned, only it's generally a respectable approximation to sentry how a good deal you let out your eyes to mastermind sunlight over metre. Having a twosome of shades you screw you won't recede if they go in the pee goes a retentive direction toward qualification it slow to protect your eyes at totally times, which is a nice peacefulness of judgement matter. The cost full stop also agency that if I rift them or mislay them, I won't be out a sight of money. Rheos Gear's shades make it easier to protect your eyes from the insolate patch fully enjoying summer.

You arse corrupt pairs of Rheos Gear's Palmetto and Sapelo dark glasses for $50 to each one on Virago.
You tin likewise checkout prohibited the full rate of Rheos Appurtenance eyeglasses Here.
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