What to do on the day of the marriage proposal

After several weeks of careful consideration of the tungsten rings pros and cons, then use it as your engagement ring, plan the perfect location, and ask her parents for permission, you can finally tell the words to her. But you certainly won't stand in front of her without any rituals, so here's what you need to pay attention to on the day of the marriage.

Keep in touch
The marriage proposal is not a natural skill for everyone. This is a proven fact. How can you overcome the tongue that keeps on the road? You need constant contact. Write down all the reasons you want to marry her, remember that this is when you express your love for her. As long as you practice, when the time comes, it will naturally speak from your mouth.

Relax your mood
Maybe you will feel extra nervous on the day you propose. Don't worry, take some time to relax in the morning of your marriage proposal and calm your nerves. It’s OK to work out or run in the gym, but even just spending an hour relaxing with a cup of coffee will get you into the right mindset.

Ready ring
This seems to be a thing that does not require thinking, but it must be said. This ring symbolizes a remarkable step in your relationship and is the focus of the night. Make sure you know where you want to put the ring. Don't put it in a place you can't find. When you ask for a marriage, it's an unnecessary silence to find the pocket where you put the ring.

The day of the marriage proposal is memorable for both of you, so be yourself and make things that will make you remember your life. But the most important thing is that even if you forget the lines, props, tungsten carbide rings and flowers, don't forget to kneel down. This is a tradition that is still continuing. She would like this classic and beautiful respect for her and the moment.