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Desktop is the smallest category of microcomputer


Types of Computers
1. Microcomputers – These are the smallest own family of the laptop world. General functions are
low feewidespread usage and high availability. Microcomputers may be further divided as
palmtops, laptops and desktops.
2. Minicomputers (workstations) – Minicomputers and workstations are better in ability than
the desktop computer systems and they may be suitable for advanced applications which include technical
drawing, animation, video enhancing etc. Most commercial enterprise corporations use minicomputers to
offer a better and efficient provider to their customers.
3. Mainframe computers – This is a effective laptop gadget used in massive corporate and
governmental organizations for excessive volume and critical information processing. A mainframe is a
multiuser laptop system where hundreds of customers can use it on the identical time. It may be used
via terminals.
four. Super computer systems –Super computers are extremely effective computer systems which might be
mainly designed for scientific, engineering and business programs requiring extremely
high speeds for huge numeric computations. The use of supercomputers encompass weather
forecasting, army defense systemsclimate research, oil and gas exploration, astronomy,
massive scale facts mining etc.
The System Configuration
Input gadgets are used to feed statistics into the device and the CPU procedures the data. CPU is not able to
hold facts while processing. Hence, the RAM holds data at the same time as processing take area. Hence the potential
of the RAM immediately influences the performance of the laptop. The RAM continues statistics as electric indicators.
When the pc shuts down all records are deleted from the RAM and it does now not have the capability to
hold facts completely. Secondary garage devices are used to store facts completely within the computer
system. Output devices are used to produce the outcomes and communicate them to customers.
Introduction to Bits and Bytes
Computer reminiscence is represented in bits and bytes. The amount of information stored and transferred
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