The Best Way to Make Hair Shiny

For some women, the best way to make hair shiny is with a product that simply adds shine. But for others, it's a much more complex process that involves different techniques. They're looking for a hair care routine that will give them a gorgeous look.


Shinning hair isn't easy, and can take time. Some things are obvious: combing, brushing, blow-drying, etc. are all used to get shine to your hair. Others require knowledge and understanding to achieve the best results.


For example, if you use a flat iron, it's important to get the right one. For best results, use a flat iron that is specially designed for hair and it doesn't heat the hair like the more popular flat irons do. That means you don't damage the hair. More importantly, they don't heat the hair too much.


Before you get the hairdryer out, it's important to start the process of treating your hair properly. Heat can be damaging if you don't treat it properly. A warm towel over the hair will help the hairdryer "soak" the hair while the heated part of the hair is still on the scalp.


Then, dip the ends of the hair in hot oil. This will get your hair nice and shiny. If you want a different scent, or scent that's not as hot, you can use cooking oil, olive oil, or almond oil. You can also use egg yolks to make your hair shiny.


Use a good flat iron, and apply a good amount of hot oil over the ends of the hair. You don't want to put so much oil that the hair will get wet, you just want to have a layer of oil. When the hot oil is applied, the hair will absorb it quickly. It's better to apply to hot oil on a dry hair cuticle, than it is to apply hot oil on wet cuticle.


After the oil is applied, the next step is to straighten the hair using the flat iron. By straightening the hair, you're ensuring that the oil is absorbed into the hair shaft. The oil will stay there, which will give you the best results. If you're going to straighten the hair, or if you need to leave the hair straight for a while, you should use a straightening iron with heat protection.


After the hair is straightened, you can treat it with conditioners and even your favorite styling products. In order to make hair shiny, the hair needs to be thoroughly moisturized before styling.


If you're going to use your styling product, it's important to use only those products that you know work well with your hair type. Hair products can vary so much that it can be hard to know what works best.


Next, apply a low or medium amount of conditioner on the ends of the hair. This will keep the oils in the hair and will make it shiny. Your oil treatment should not cause you to over-wash the hair.


After the oil treatment, apply a loreal serioxyl thicker hair serum that contains vitamins and amino acids. It will increase the natural glow and condition of the hair and will improve its strength.


Finally, leave the hair to dry naturally and evenly. You don't want to use any heat protection spray because the heat could make the natural shine in the hair fade. Because the hair is natural, it will just get more radiant as it dries.