A Personal Loan and some categories

personal loan

Personal loans as all of you might know, this loan has so much demand from people all over the world and these are very popular loans in India. And also allow us to let you all know and understand why there has been an increasing more demand for it day by day. This is all because of the use of personal loan and the purpose of this loan can be used and put up for and this reason is not just subjected to one single area but too many fields of uses that any candidate wishes to work on. Hence, today we are here to tell you about some of the details related to this area as well as categories of this loan that are mostly opted by all the common people of today’s world to make this work for their needs as well as wants to fulfill them accordingly.

We wish to also remind you all before taking a step ahead in opting for this loan, always make sure and do check some of the topmost banks that you can easily trust, and only after this do proceed further with this. And for your references, we can also give you an example of the topmost bank like Standard Chartered Bank which is known to offer the loan amount of nearly ₹ 30 lakhs in just very little time. This bank personal loan for all the employees is also a very well known type of this loan.

All the candidate can simply make use of the Personal Loan EMI Calculator if he or she is not sure about the repayment amount to be paid to this bank. So, the very basic category of personal loans we would like to discuss is some things which have also recorded the highest demand and are the most opted kind of a loan. This type of category of personal loan is nothing but a loan for weddings known as wedding loans. All the people know how the weddings come with very expensive costs to be taken care of, for the successful wedding to take place.

Some other types of personal loan is the one used for very emergency purposes known as Medical Loan. This types of loan are most necessary in comparison to others because it completely revolves around the precious lives of all the common people like us and this is applied in need to cover up the total medical costs or expenses of the candidate and to take care of the hospital bills which also involve the expenses of medicines, room costs, medicine cost, and more costs.

The next type of loan we would like to discuss is called a Travel loan. Only think who does not like to explore countries as well as travel all over the place. Therefore all the categories of loans are put into use for traveling. This kind of loan can be used by the candidates to travel the countryside and also if any person wants to travel and explore the abroad places with their families or friends can also have this type of personal loan in hand and can take care of all the cost of traveling trips.

Some other category or type of personal loan is the one used for very higher education. This type of loan is always considered to be one of the most opted as well as requested loans especially for the student's education purpose, as most of the students are willing to pursue very higher education in the US or any other count countries. Hence, they can simply avail a personal loan.


Standard Chartered Bank personal loan interest rate percentage is 9.99 per annum, it is a very less percentage that’s why all people wish to avail the loan in this bank.