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Best Rubber Insulation Suppliers in China and Rubber insulation manufacturers

We all know about the wide use of rubber insulations in day to day life. There is always a question that comes to mind that whether we are getting a high quality Insulation sheet or not! And you know that is the most important thing which satisfied the customers with the higher fireproof performance. Dacellflex is the world’s number 1 Rubber Insulation Suppliers in China committed to offers high quality insulation rubber products in best price. As a reputed company we always produce highest quality products and keen to offer best services and solutions to our customers. Our insulation materials are widely preferred by customers and used in HVAC systems, everyday life tube systems, various leading industries, refrigeration and cooling system of insulation projects. Above all our insulation sheets are very much suitable for the clean, higher fireproof electric sector requirements, factory workshop and constructions area.
We are a global supplier of insulation products covers more than 50% of the region's rubber insulation products requirements and trade in the complete range of insulation products in almost all major countries including USA, Europe, Africa, and Far East Asia. Our quality rubber insulation products and global reach has enabled the company to become the most preferred supplier in various countries and achieve a good brand value and overall global success. DACELLFLEX is established in the year 2008 to manufacture a complete range of quite advanced Rubber Foam Insulation products. Due to the high percentage of NBR of closed cells our insulation has exceptional thermal performance and enhances resistance.
Our vision is supply customers with the top quality insulation products throughout a blend of the best raw materials, innovation and advanced technology. Here are the few features of our product you would like to know.
Lower conductivity: Our Insulation Material widely conventional as the most advanced international "gel” foaming technology, 100°o full cell, well distributed small cell structure that make sure very low conductivity A w 0.033w/(m.k) at OC.
Higher moisture resistance: Our product has outstanding capability of water vapor permeability, moisture resistance N10000, make materials turn into both of moisture proof layer and thermal insulation layer that guarantee the long durability "of the material properties up to around 20 years life time.
High security fire prevention function: As a leading Insulation rubber manufacturing company, we use advanced and special environment protecting formula without any halogen. And the best thing is the fireproof medium is well distributed in every cell structure. Our products tender good recital in the smoking, burning drops and gas toxicity, which is the most reasonable insulation material for our customers.
As the best rubber insulation manufacturer in China we supply many rubber accessories to meet all your requirements. Our excellent production management system ensures best product quality and the delivery of outstanding products gives us a long way of success and good reputation because of the below best advantages that our products have.
Great softness
Higher buckling resistance
Best cold & heat resistance
Highly flame retardant
Shock absorption
Low thermal conductivity as per industry standard
Sound absorption
Light texture and very easy to install
High-quality water as well as Moisture-proof