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What are the eligibility and best offers of a Gold loan?



The eligibility criteria for avoiding a gold loan is discussed below-: 


1. The Minimum and Maximum Age group to borrow gold loans is 21 Years – 65 Years.


2. Gold Loan Amount

  • Here you can get a ₹ 2 Crore amount that can be borrowed for a Gold loan. But Some banks do not allow maximum eligibility to ₹ 20 Lakh.

  • Interest rates of Gold loans are much lower for higher Gold loan amounts.

3. Employment Type

For borrowing Gold loan Salaried self-employed yet both are eligible there are no other criteria for employment particular Businessmen who are increasingly taking gold loans to fulfill their operating money provisions.Senior citizens who are not eligible for another type of loan because they have no income proof can easily avail of a gold loan.


4. Quality of Gold

Your Gold ornaments must range between 18 to 24 Carats to meet eligibility criteria and the average gold rate of 22-carat gold for the coming first advance 30 days is modified down for purity. So, the price of 20 Carat Jewelry Can be rated by multiplying the rate of 22 Carat jewelry by a factor of 20/22 and this whole calculation may be proceeded through a digital method called online eligibility checker for gold loan.


5. CIBIL Score for Gold loan

The Banks and other lenders do not survey your CIBIL score for approving of a gold loan. However, your repayment trace list for a gold loan is estimated towards your CIBIL score. 

Your Employment trail history and income proofs But still, Banks do not check your job durability or employment strength to approve you for a gold loan. Gold loans are permitted without income proofs. Your only requirement is to submit your basic KYC documents such as address proof, identity proof, and Aadhaar card to avail of the Jewel loan.According to the reviews of people who already borrowed the Gold loan the best offer is only when the bank or NBFCs lenders avail Gold loan at the lowest interest rates among all other their rivals in the Gold loan market.


But in the flow, if taking the lowest interest rates you must check the popularity and strength of your lenders to stay away from frauds. And the Gold loan eligibility can be measured in terms of the Gold loan per gram or maybe the Gold loan amount that is deposited to your lender. And if you want to borrow the Gold loan at the lowest interest rates. Here are some ways to get the lowest interest rates.


  • Always compare the other banks' offers of the current time from other lenders of Gold loans.


  • Generally, loans against gold taken for agricultural purposes are offered at decreasing interest prices. Also in case you are making plans to avail an overdraft facility towards gold, you will be required to pay an unnecessary interest fee.


  • Loan to fee Ratio is also a better option while taking the loan against the Gold price ratio, higher is the interest rate charged. As in cable with the advanced RBI round in an invitation to offer assistance to gold loan borrowers, banks can lend up to 9% of the gold as a loan.


  • For samples, Gold loans are allotted at a less expensive interest charge to the existing clients of the bank. 




Above we mentioned all eligibility criteria and ways to get the best offers on a Gold loan interest rate and while you need to pay up your loan somewhat before the period, it's understood as part prepayment. In case you decide to pay the complete loan amount before time, its leagues pertained to foreclosure. Banks usually charge prepayment or foreclosure fees in such situations and these can combine from 0 to even up to 1%. So, check carefully if the low-interest charge gold loan you have become comes with high prepayment or foreclosures fees.