Elder people simply choose a Gold Loan


Gold Loans are loans that you can get by pledging your gold jewelry to a bank. An HDFC gold loan can be used to cover unexpected personal expenses. The HDFC Bank Gold Loan is a secured loan that allows you to borrow money by pledging your gold jewelry to the bank as collateral. The loan is given after your gold item has been properly valued. You can borrow up to 80% of the market value of your gold from HDFC Bank over the counter in 45 minutes with limited documentation. The gold mortgage serves as a guarantee for the loan. HDFC Bank offers a Gold Loan with an interest rate as low as 9.50 percent per annum and a loan sum as low as Rs.25,000. Repayment terms of up to two years are available. 


  • The interest rates on HDFC Gold Loan start at 9.90 percent.

  • HDFC charges a very low processing fee of 1.5 percent + GST.

  • Flexible contract duration ranging from 3 to 24 months are available.

  • Loans are provided in the form of term loans, overdrafts, and bullet repayments.

  • Every month, just pay the interest on the loan. Monthly outflows of as little as Rs.1,000 per lakh are possible (based on an indicative rate of 12 percent p.a.).

  • You can get a loan for up to 80% of the market value of your gold.

  • The quickest responding is done. There are no hidden fees, and the procedure is fully open.

  • Documentation is easy, and payment is received quickly.

  • Payments can be done every day or every week or every month.

  • The loan's collateral (your gold) is held in a special triple-layered security system.

Interest Rates

The interest rates levied by HDFC vary from 9.50 percent to 17.15 percent per annum, with the quality of the gold also influencing the rate. HDFC Bank's average interest rates are between 12 and 13 percent a year, making it extremely competitive. Women and current customers of HDFC Bank's products and services are eligible for special rates. The loan amount, loan tenure, and loan needed as a percent of the value of gold jewelry are the factors used by HDFC Bank to measure interest on gold loans. According to today's gold rate, HDFC Bank provides a gold loan per gram ranging from Rs. 2,479 to Rs. 3,029. Today's highest HDFC Bank gold loan rate per gram is Rs. 3,029 for 22-carat jewelry calculated at the maximum LTV of 75 percent.


HDFC Bank offers gold loans of up to Rs. 50 lakh. To get a fast loan, you can apply for a gold loan online with HDFC Bank. The HDFC Bank provides an online payment option for gold loans. For urban markets, the minimum loan amount has been set at Rs 50,000. Rural borrowers can get loans for less than this amount, with HDFC Bank willing to provide loans based on individual needs. Banking services and goods will be subject to an 18 percent GST fee. You can also check the status of your gold loan by logging into the net banking account that you were given when you took out the loan. You have the option to pay off your jewel loan early. Prepayment penalties of 1% of the loan amount are applicable.