Gold Rate In This Pandemic


It was the new year when it all started. We heard that people are getting affected by a virus. Some of them are even dying due to the virus. It hasn't entered India yet. Worldwide there was chaos. People were losing their lives because to this virus. Russia, China, America, all the countries were in a panic. The situation was going out of hand. The virus was spreading like wild vines. In March, the cases increased in India. The schools and colleges were asked to get closed. From there on, the natural disaster started. Every day many people died due to the virus.

The hospital beds were not even sufficient. To break the chain, curfews took place. The national lockdown was put by the government, where no one was allowed to go outside. Everyone stayed home. In this process, many people lost their jobs. It affected the students as well, as many companies stopped recruiting students in that year. The government ordered everyone to get their hands sanitized at a regular interval of time. Everyone was maintaining social distance. The cases got increased at a faster rate around the world. China and America were the countries to get hit early. The number of patients got boosted with the days passing by.

The government announced a 14-hour public curfew. The decision was made to control the spread of the COVID-19. The virus was very lethal because people were not initially aware that it could spread when one contacted an affected patient. The 14 hours curfew was not of much use. People were going to their work as usual. The fear had not hit the people. The government had announced a National shutdown for 21 days to break the chain as cases were increased upto lakhs in number. All the shops were closed except the ones of emergency needs. International flights were also cancelled. No one from outside of the country was allowed. There was speculation that the virus might be spread through the air, which is a piece of very nerve-chilling news. Now they're arising a sense of fear. The COVID-19 curve slope increased with time. People having the virus were asked to quarantine themself for 14 days as, according to the research, it was said that the virus stays for 14 days only in a body. The problem was with people with weak immunity. Many older people died due to the virus. The lockdown got extended as the count of the cases went higher.

In this, all this chaotic situation, the Gold Rate Today in India got a hike. People started investing in gold for their future security, as gold is considered a very safe investment, a life saviour. According to various reports, the gold rates have hit their peak. It is not a very good sign. It has hit up to seventy thousand Indian rupees in the latter part of last year. For a country where people love to buy gold, it has hit differently; people were forced to sell the gold they had purchased due to unemployment. India has become deserted.

The Gold Rate In Bhubaneswar is four thousand nine hundred and seventy-five Indian rupees per gram as of 20th May 2021. It is comparatively less, compared to other cities. Due to the pandemic, there is not much demand, but the market is there worldwide.

Conclusion -

This pandemic has hit us very badly, and it took away our near and dear ones, the jobs of many people, and much more. The prices of gold have also become very high due to various reasons. The vaccines have come, hope it is given to every one of us, and we go back to leading our everyday life yet again.