Gold jewellery loans are available from most Indian banks and financial institutions to salaried workers, business people, and self-employed professionals. Farmers and traders are also included. A jewelry loan may be applied for by any Indian person over the age of 18 and up to 70. If the credit applicant is over 70, some banks will require you to have a co-borrower.

In line with the current gold rate, Yes Bank offers a Gold Loan per gram rate. 2,506 to Rs. 4,621. The best Yes Bank gold loan rate per gram for 22-carat gold is Rs. 3,017, calculated at a maximum loan to value of 75 percent, and the average gold price for 22-carat gold over the last month is Rs. 4,621. 


Features of Gold Loan: 


  • The bank is highly committed to its clients.

  • High loan amounts ranging from thousands to crores.

  • Processing time is short.

  • It's not a problem if you have a bad credit background or a low CIBIL score.

  • Production and disbursement are completed in real-time.

  • The gold loan interest rate is the lowest.

  • Only a minimum amount of documentation is needed.

  • The choice for flexible repayment is provided.


Agricultural Jewel Loan: 


Agriculture jewel loans are available from Indian Bank to purchase fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, and other farm equipment. Farmers are the only ones who can get this loan by pledging their jewels. They must also show evidence of agricultural land. According to India's guidelines, borrowers can earn a 7% interest rate on loans up to Rs. Three lakhs. The standard gold loan interest rate would apply to loans exceeding Rs. Three lakhs. Indian Bank has set a base rate of 9.45 percent. According to the lender's policies and rate revisions, interest rates can change from time to time.


  • Interest rates are meager.

  • This loan is available to all farmers.

  • A short-term loan to cover the costs of routine farm expenses.

  • The loan sum is determined by the value of the jewel that is being pledged.

  • Repayment of the loan amount is simple and easy, allowing for adjustments after the crops are harvested.

  • There are no hidden fees or costs during the loan process.

  • Seamless and transparent loan processes.


Documentation Required: 


  • Filled application form.

  • Proof for address, such as a driver's license, an Aadhaar card, a passport, or a voter identification card.

  • Identification documents such as a driver's license, an Aadhaar card, a key, a PAN card, a voter ID, and so on.

  • Agriculture land evidence in the name of the claimant.

  • Proof that the crop will be planted.


The gold rate today has been seeing some momentum since the beginning of the year. This is because equity markets got hammered toward the beginning of the year, which pushed financial backers to put resources into refuge assets like gold. The valuable metal may not be a top pick over the most recent couple of years, as prices have moved in a tight reach. Towards the beginning of the year, a fall in equity prices was considered to be gold as a venture.


Wrapping Up: 


A processing fee is charged for availing of a gold loan at the Indian Bank. For amounts more significant than Rs.25,000 but less than Rs.5 lakh, 0.30 percent of the loan sum is charged, with a minimum of Rs.300. For amounts up to Rs.25,000, there is no processing fee. Existing customers have the option to negotiate interest rates with the bank, potentially lowering their rates. Individual farmers may apply for the loan. Connect with their toll-free customer service help if you have any questions about the Agriculture gold loan provided by the Indian bank.