Things To Maintain While Availing Car Loan

A car loan is a type of financial help on cost which can be availed from most of the banks and nbfc in which all loan amount is provided to the bank account of the customer or directly to the car company e based on which the customer is entitled to pay the loan amount along with interest in the form of the monthly instalments called EMI.

Last year before the entry of the pandemic into our country, the loans and advances like that of the Car Loan, educational loan and other types of loans revealed were given a moratorium period of fewer than two years. Again this year after March, when the second wave of the covid-19 has affected very hard, the customers found some difficulty in repaying the loan again due to the closing of most offices. Most of the people have lost their jobs. Unemployment is there. To cope with this kind of situation, the moratorium period has been increased to 2 years.

Current trend on finances related to loans:

Recently, Governor Mr. Shaktikanta Das has scheduled a meeting between 2nd to 4th of June to bring some reforms to get some relaxation for the home loan, gold loan, education loan, and all the other types of the loans. It will bring some current stability in the current financial situation of the economy and will give some barriers to ensure that the customer should not lose the purchasing power to buy the loan.

Now we can proceed to go through some of the factors and the basic requirements that need to be thought upon before availing of a car loan. The first and the best option is the credit score.

1. A credit score is a three-digit score that states the previous repayment pattern and the structure of the individual for the loan is already available in the past. I have a good credit score, and only he should go to work to avail a car loan. There are different types of advantages to having a good credit score. If the credit score is good, then the loan provider will also have confidence that the person has maintained the excellent quality of repayment structure in the past and will provide a new loan.

2. The second most important thing which one should notice is the eligibility of the income to fall into the list of getting the loan. Different loan providers having other income criteria wherein few banks there is a need of having a minimum monthly salary of Rs 25,000 for the salaried people while for sale in flood people there is a need of showing documents related to business or having documents which will reflect the ITR of the company for the last 3 to 5 years. HDFC Car Loan offers good facilities with increased relaxation which can be known from car loan calculators. So to your kind of loan, one should adequately check the income eligibility e so that there should not be any kind of confusion or hassle after going through the loan procedure.

3. Thirdly, the other important factor is the loan tenure, which means the period for which the loan will be available. Different people benefit from different loan tenure. Suppose a customer is purchasing a car loan with the view to repaying the amount within three years. In that case, he is saving a lot as if the tenure period is more extended, the interest will be accumulated more and vice versa. Knowing the other types of information like the dealer's profit and how it will be played is very important.


Sometimes it is included in the loan cost, while sometimes, one needs to pay it separately, altogether different from that of the loan. The pre-approval loan procedure and the down payment system should also be focused on as it plays a vital role in maintaining the cost of the following, which can be reduced to a very much extent.