Safe Way to Choose a Gold Loan



When talking about a safer way to choose a gold loan there are no such official guidelines to follow but some points can be taken into consideration by the borrower. This enables the borrower to be in control of the loan and know the real cost of the loan. The banks don’t give out loans as a charity. They charge a handsome rate of interest on the loan which is their earnings. Gold Loan Interest Rate may vary from bank to bank depending upon their offerings. A safe way would be to compare interest rates for the same online. This can not only help an individual to select the most beneficial offer but also the most economical one. There are also some other factors upon which the gold loan can be chosen. They are as followed - 

  • The amount needed is the value of the loan that is desired by the borrower. A high amount loan might attract a larger interest rate or a larger need for collateral. The amount may be partially or completely secured by gold.
  • The interest rate offered by the bank is also a very crucial factor to be considered while opting for a gold loan. The interest is the amount that is payable by the borrower to the bank as compensation for providing the loan. Even minute changes in the interest rates can have a drastic effect on the amount to be paid back.
  • The tenure for which the loan is to be taken is as important as others because the longer the tenure the more interest has to be paid to the bank. Tenure also may depend on the bank’s policies. A short tenure loan can also be offered at low-interest rates as the loan is been taken for only some time duration. 
  • Gold as collateral is also a factor to decide the loan offer. Good quality as in carat rating and also the weight might be considered while the loan is offered. A better quality gold is more likely to get you a good loan offer. This is primarily because the gold acts as a security for a loan to the bank.

The following points have to be kept in mind while going for a gold loan because it’s safe to have this approach this way. The person should inquire well about the liabilities regarding the loan which helps the borrower to plan accordingly. A safe way to avail of such a loan also implies being in direct contact with the lending institution or authorized personnel. One should not fall into the trap of a middle man. A middle man involvement could hike up the interest charged because of the agent’s commission involved in it. IIFL Gold Loan is a very transparent offering from the bank. It offers gold loans with interest rates starting as low as 9.24% percent per annum. They not only offer loans of large amounts but also loans starting from as low as three thousand in the gold loan segment. They also have offers where the processing fees for the loan can be zero rupees. These are some of the most sought-after features in a gold loan offer. An individual can acquire and apply for their gold loan through their nearest branch or even an online portal. The online portal has all the required information that one mind needs to choose the safest option while opting for the loan.


Safer ways to opt for a gold loan doesn’t mean the only way. Safe ways mean following the right procedures and have complete information regarding the loan so as to prevent any inconvenience. They ensure that the loan is economical and budget-friendly according to the borrower.