Housing Bubble That Will Make Gold Shine?


Gold loan is a type of loan where one needs to provide gold as a collateral to the bank for security against the loan. Gold Rate Today for 10g of 24 carat gold is 48,630.00 Indian Rupee. Gold market price can have a direct impact on the gold loan. The price of gold decides the loan amount. One needs to provide gold to the bank and financing companies in the range of 18 carats or above to get a gold loan. 

Dena Bank Gold Loan can be applied online as well as offline. The application process is easy and requires minimal documentation. The documents required are Aadhar Card, Valid Driving License, Valid Passport, Voter’s ID Card, Salary slip, income tax return documents, employment proof, bank statements, income proof and other documents as demanded by the bank. The Interest rate and processing fees charged by the bank are quite minimal. One can easily apply at the Dena bank for a gold loan.

As we all know that the house prices are increasing day by day and many investors are finding it difficult to invest in the housing market. Housing price index has jumped over 12% in 2021. The housing bubble is increasing continuously. The investors are fearing investing in the house due to the continuous surge. There are various factors due to which this housing bubble is happening. Pandemic is also one of the main reasons for the housing surge happening. Due to the pandemic and the nationwide lockdown the price in the housing market is continuously increasing. People are preferring to invest in gold. Gold can be a very useful asset and can be easily used in the difficult times to avail loan. Gold loans have a low interest rate which can be really beneficial for the borrower.

Investing In gold is a very good option in today's time. Investing in gold can be a good option as it has many advantages such as:- 

  • Low interest rate:- Gold loan can be availed easily at a very reasonable interest rate. This is one of the biggest advantages of getting a gold loan as it can be easily availed with a minimum interest rate. In comparison to other loans the interest rate on gold loans is quite less. People prefer investing in gold seeing its future advantages.

  • Repayment option:- There are various repayment options available while getting a gold loan. One can even repay the gold loan by giving physical form of the gold to the bank. It can benefit the borrower in choosing the repayment option as per the convenience. Loan Tenure:- One can get quite an option of tenure while availing a gold loan. A borrower can choose the tenure as per the financial conditions. Investing In gold can be really advantageous as it has quite a flexible loan tenure which can be easily availed. 

  • Gold safety:- Banks and non-banking financing companies(NBFCs) provide full safety of the gold submitted by the borrower. One can easily get the gold ornaments back after successful repayment of the loan. There is a 100 percent safety and security of the gold provided by the lenders.


In today's time investing in gold can be a great option. Many people all over the country are investing in gold. As we all know that the house prices are increasing and the investors are fearing investing in the housing market, gold can be a good replacement as investing in gold is a lot beneficial. One can easily use gold in times of emergencies to get a gold loan at a very feasible interest rate. People in urban as well as rural India are investing in gold as gold can be a really useful asset. Experts believe that the demand for the gold loan is going to increase in future.