How To Maintain T-Part Wig

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By ruiyu 181 days ago

T Part Wig is a kind of wig type that is easier to afford, and it is better to integrate with your natural hair. In the appearance, it has a gorgeous look in front of the lace, but is limited to work just like closing. At the price, I think it is a maximum cost-effective wig type. In this article, I want to share information about the cleaning and maintenance of T part of the wigs for everyone.


What is T Part Lace Wig


T part there is a T-lace closure, a vertical lace is distributed in the center of the wig, so t part wigs are called Middle Part Lace Front Wig, you can sway natural appearance without obvious wig appearance. 150% Density Cheap Gluelesst part wig except Body Wave, Direct, Kinky Straight / Curly, Curly t part wig. There are also other beautiful colors, 4/27, 1b / 27.


How to maintain Middle Part Wig


Cleaning method

When cleaning T part wig should avoid errors to use hot water to rinse hair, then wet hair with warm water. The mixture without sulfate and warm water is sprayed on the hair and rinse.



Like other lace wigs, T lace wigs need to use a wig gel remover on the lace to remove glue on the wig, and the cleansing lace can make the next wigwear experience better and more comfortable.


Cleaning frequency

The interval of extending the wetting is is the perfect way to maintain a wig. To extend the life life.


Dry wig

Wipe dry hair on a towel. The hair is dry hair instead of back and forth.


After maintaining your t lace wig, you can shape, curly them to meet the appearance you want. However, before using the hot tool to curl, pay attention to the addition of oil or thermal protective agent to protect your hair, cherish your valuable time, you have the opportunity to choose them.


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