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UPSC CSE Exam 2021


UPSC IAS Exam Overview
The UPSC IAS exam is no shorter than a marathon I tell you. It has three rounds that you
need to clear in order to be selected as an IAS officer. The first round that you’d have
to clear is the IAS prelims, then come the IAS Mains papers which is the second round, and
finally, the third round consists of personal interviews.

If you are able to make it through an IAS officer, then you’d be an indispensable part of
the bureaucratic setup of our nation and the functions that are relegated to it. To help
you understand more about the job profile of an IAS officer, I have written about the same
later in the article.

Now, if we are to talk about the difficulty level of the UPSC IAS exam, it is the toughest
exam in India. Not only is the paper tough, but the competition is huge. Therefore, to
crack this exam will need you to be extremely dedicated, perseverant, and patient, like
it’s said in the TVF’s IAS-based show called” Aspirants” on YouTube.