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Several Places to Avoid on the First Date

Your first date, keeping a low profile and mystery is very necessary. You can't give her the stainless steel rings when I meet for the first time. In her opinion, this is a very strange thing, and perhaps it will scare her. So, what kind of place is the most appropriate? Here are some places to avoid when you first date.

1. Cinema. Maybe the movie is a very romantic place for couples on their first date. But if you and her are controversial about the film and may be in dispute, then this is not a suitable place. If you can't talk to each other, then you can't judge whether you have something in common. So don't watch controversial movies and go eat.

2. Gym. Although health and fitness should be the top priority for everyone. But your goal is that dating is not fitness, and for the first date she will definitely spend a lot of time to make herself look beautiful, so don't go to the sweaty and noisy gym, both of them will be very embarrassed.

3. Club. Everyone wants to give each other a good impression on the first date, so the club will never go. For example, you certainly don't want to see her proficiency in the club and toast with others, I don't want her to see the club staff say hello to you. The scene is definitely very embarrassing, of course I am just joking, but in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, the club is not a good place to date. .

4. Church. For the first date, the church is not an ideal place to date unless you have met in the church before. You want to make sure both of you feel comfortable and focus on each other. But in the church, you focus on praise and worship, and ignore the purpose of your date.

5. Buffet. If you want to eat well and have a good purpose to come here, then this is definitely a good choice, but remember, this is your first date, the ugly diet will leave her bad. impression. This will not be the place where she is eager to tell her friends.

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