The Trippiest Marvel Film Yet

The Trippiest Marvel Film Yet

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doctor strange full movieFor the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we've been introduced to the sorcery side of the firm's comic books, with their release of Doctor Strange" (in theatres November 4). We are just two or three weeks from the release of Physician Strange, which provides the Marvel Cinematic Universe with all sorts of outrageous notions and a new, mystical layer like transcending astral planes and traveling between dimensions.

Probably the comic book character because mainstream world that I'm suited to. I feel an affinity for the ambition of those comic books and the story and the type, particularly the original Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Unusual Tales —I presume those are my favored of most of them.

Rebecca Sunlight: We braced ourselves when the casts were declared , but (just like that Nina trailer ) the visual evidence still stung. Strange uses a Person's Eye to reverse time and save your self before creating an endless time loop inside the Dark Dimension, Wong that immobilizes himself and Dormammu in an identical instant forever. The movie's other-worldly quality and outstanding comedic minutes brings to mind Guardians Of The Galaxy when it comes to its inventiveness, bringing us a fresher, stranger (I'm sorry.

Mordo and strange arrive in Hong Kong to discover Wong lifeless and the Sanctum ruined, with the Darkish Dimension previously engulfing Earth. Doctor Strange has a short non-speaking cameo in the 2010 movie Planet Hulk He and the members of the Illuminati regretfully advise Hulk of the selections made to ensure his removal from Earth.

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