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The caped crusader - played by Ben Affleck - could be viewed wielding what looked like a rifle during a confrontation in a sneak peek clip Dawn Of Justice night shown on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Sunday.

batman v superman movie onlineThe suit is covered in Kryptonite too, which gives it added anti-Superman power. Here is more information regarding batman v superman movie 2015 take a look at our web-page. The story comes from , which reports that it was Rehan Jalali, the celebrity trainer and nutritionist helping Affleck get in shape to play an elderly - Bruce Wayne in this film is old than when played by Christian Bale - but seemingly muscular, Batman who had been the origin of the info.

At 21 seconds long, the update, otherwise called a teaser, consists largely of sensational-sounding strings, close up photos on the Batman and Superman ensembles in between cutaways that are black. It was essentially a fancy calendar invite with the most crucial bit of info being a date, April 20. We'd a look at some other ridiculously short teaser trailers to find out this one compared.

Zimmer's solution? Telephone a buddy. The composer opted to call in the Dutch producer and musician Junkie XL, who's famous for his 2002 remix of Elvis Presley's A Little Less Conversation. Junkie XL will focus on the Batman-themed parts of the film sore, while Zimmer will focus on the Superman of Henry Cavill. Maybe this all should not be taken too seriously along with the sneek peek was a humourous 'deleted scene' that was aired on the late night chat show.

Warner Bros has announced that 41-year-old actor Ben Affleck will play Batman in Batman vs Superman, alongside Henry Cavill's Superman. The film will even feature Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, Man of Steel stars Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Diane Lane as Martha Kent. As it pertains to actual out and out leaks, yet -- such as a recent viral Reddit post promising to be a spoiler-laced review of the unreleased film (which Snyder called uproarious") -- the director is a lot less comprehension.