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  • What is the Gold loan used for Dire Needs?

    A gold loan is a secured loan used for instant cash in an emergency against your gold. It is in the form of jewelry or may also include some pernicious stones that are not included in the criteria of a gold loan. A gold loan provides you the facility of the lowest interest rate and minimal doc...

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  • A Rise In The Gold Loan Applications

             How can gold help a person in a financial crisis? How can gold make you rich? How can gold help you save lives? These are questions everyone wonders once or twice, and the answer is simple. It is loans, and a gold loan is the best loan there is in the market. Wh...

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    WHAT IS A GOLD LOAN? The process of getting funds through pledging your gold ornament, pieces or coins at any bank or NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Companies) is known as a gold loan. The funds you get from a Gold Loan can be used for various purposes: debt consolidation, vacation, wedding or misc...

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  • What will be the alternatives of non-payments in a gold loan?

    A gold loan is one of the secured loans just like a car and home loan. But if you fail to pay your gold loan amount you might get in trouble because here the risk is more to the borrower as gold is used as security. If the borrower fails to repay the loan then he/she can be in trouble losing ow...

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