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  • Gold Loan For Beginners

    Gold loan features Loan amount: Banks and financial institutions offer about 80% of the gold’s value after it is verified of its purity. In urban areas, most banks give a minimum loan amount of rs.10,000 whereas in a few of the rural Gramin banks it is rs.25,000 and as for the maximum ma...

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  • Gold Loan For Medical Emergencies

    The majority of Indian households have gold as a sign of prosperity and heritage at home. Gold has always been an important commodity or asset owned by Indians since ancient times. Gold is also used in Indian festivals and cultural ceremonies. People of India value Gold more than almost every o...

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  • Gold Loan Low Rate Technique

    Gold loan is a very popular type of secured loan. These days people prefer a gold loan over any other loan. Gold loan is taken against gold ornaments or coins and can be availed through almost any banks and non-banking financing companies(NBFCs). Gold Loan Calculator can be used to calculate th...

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  • Gold Loan For Debt Consolidation

    Consumers use debt consolidation to pay off small debts in a lump sum through a large loan. They saved the interest and financing costs of the small loans owed. Borrowers must now make a single payment to the lender instead of making multiple payments to other creditors. Debt consolidation can oc...

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  • Things to Abide by Before taking a Gold Loan

    Due to the coronavirus, many households were forced to rely on their savings and assets to get through the economic depression. Apart from being a piece of attraction in jewellery, and a safeguard against instability, gold, or the yellow metal, can be used as collateral to get the necessary funds...

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  • Can Gold Loan be obtained on ancient jewellery?

    Being a secured loan, a borrower with a low credit score can also avail of a gold loan, the borrower’s creditworthiness is not an important factor of consideration for the bank or the financial institution. In loans such as a personal loan, the bank or the financial institution undertakes...

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  • Funding a Wedding with a Gold Loan

    Now, how can a person arrange funds for a wedding? Usually, people take personal loans, but personal loans take a lot of time to get sanctioned and involve many formalities. Instead of talking about gold loans, they can quickly solve our purpose with less stress as gold loans come with many benef...

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  • Debt consolidation through Gold Loans

    Gold Loans are secure Loan policies offered by Banks and Financial institutions in India to people in need. These loan schemes require the applicant to provide a certain amount of loan to the bank or the financial institution as security. You can take up a Gold Loan to consolidate your existing L...

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  • Gold Loan Business

    How Does a Gold Loan Work? The gold loan process is very similar to that of other secured loans. In this case, you take your gold items to a lender along with the necessary paperwork. The lender assesses the gold items and confirms the paperwork presented. The lender approves the loan amount b...

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  • A Guide To Gold Loan Auction Process

    A gold loan will give you a chance to preserve your wealth and invest in gold at the same time. However, if you fail to repay the amount you've borrowed through a gold loan, then your gold will go through an auction. Let's learn more about this in detail: The process of gold loan:The process of ...

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