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                  Unlike all other costs, a salaried or middle-class individual can't make financial plans in an emergency. An emergency can never be predicted. It manifests as a wave or tide that can cause havoc in a matter of seconds. So, what makes this bud...

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    206 days ago

  • Can a long tenure period be availed for a gold loan?

    Certain factors affect the loan conditions, and everyone should follow that to get a gold loan. These factors are as mentioned below- 1) The gold loan is, as we know, a short-term loan, and its repayment tenure is also accordingly short only, ranging from 3 months to 3 years depending on the l...

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    205 days ago


    WHAT IS A GOLD LOAN? A gold loan is a loan facility in which you pledge an ornament, a piece of a coin as collateral. The borrower will get the loan amount in a lump sum. Gold Loan Interest Rate is generally of 7% to 12% on the loan amount that has to be paid within loan tenure. A gold loan...

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    199 days ago


    A gold loan can be used for a lot of purposes either for financing a wedding or planning a wedding. It can be used for a variety of purposes and there is no specific purpose as to how a person should use the amount of money that he will be getting from a gold loan. A gold loan can be used for fun...

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    189 days ago

  • Tricks in the Gold Loan Advance

    The trick in gold advances can be a result of various reasons as referred to underneath: Swearing of fake gold  Swearing has taken gold without a clear title  As demonstrated by an assessment made by one of the Major gold credit NBFC of India, the quantum of a trick which used to...

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    233 days ago

  • The safest ways to availing a gold loan

    It is hassle-free, convenient, profitable, financial help, and a save, but just because it is all those things, you shouldn’t write your gold off just yet. As much as the loan profits the loanee, it does the loaner too. In exchange for the amount, banks charge interest rates, and this int...

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    220 days ago

  • Are my Gold Jewellery Enough to Avail the Gold Loan?

    In modern times one of the most trusted loans is the gold loan. One can apply for a gold loan at both private and public banks and also non-banking financing companies(NBFCs). Gold Loan Interest Rate may vary depending on various factors. It is always recommended for the applicants to research ...

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    211 days ago

  • Is gold hallmarking necessary for obtaining a Gold Loan?

    Hallmark on gold jewellery indicates the purity of gold. It is a guarantee of the purity of the gold that you are buying. A hallmark sign donates the carat of gold, the stamp of BIS, the year of the mark and the identification mark of the jeweller. Suppose you are purchasing gold without checki...

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    205 days ago

  • How Credit Score Can be Increased With Gold Loan?

    The Gold Loan Prices are at an all-time high currently and this makes present times the best time to take Gold Loan. Although you don't require a CIBIL score to avail of a gold loan you can use it to increase your credit score. Application for Loan:- Whenever you apply for any loan, gold lo...

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    191 days ago