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  • Gold Loans Promote Financial Inclusion

      Gold loan interest rate is similar to personal loans in that they lend a hand to you to promptly fulfill your financial needs. People usually take out a loan against gold to fund home renovations or purchases, cover medical liabilities, meet company capital requirements, and so on. The ...

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  • Who Is Eligible For A Gold Loan

    Those are personal loans, home loans, education loans and gold loans. Each one of these has its features, advantages and disadvantages.Gold loan is defined as the amount borrowed from a bank or a lending institution by the pledging of the gold. The amount that you receive in exchange for the go...

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  • Safe Way to Choose a Gold Loan

      When talking about a safer way to choose a gold loan there are no such official guidelines to follow but some points can be taken into consideration by the borrower. This enables the borrower to be in control of the loan and know the real cost of the loan. The banks don’t give out...

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  • Gold Loan Or Loan Against Property

      Banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies(NBFCs) have been in existence for more than 70 years, and since then, they have been providing financial services for the people in many ways. And obtaining a loan is one of them. An amount sanctioned to the customer with or without collateral on ...

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  • Why Are Gold Loan Tenures Increasing During Covid ?

                                                                              Gold is a preferred saving for ...

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    What Is a Gold Loan? A gold loan is a secured loan. As the name suggests, this loan is secured against gold. It is one of the most accessible loans to apply for when a person is in need of a financial emergency. The amount of loan is easily disbursed in a gold loan. Therefore, if a person need...

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  • What is Gold Loan Insurance

    Gold Loan is the loan taken against gold (gold ornaments or gold articles) as a collateral for security reasons from any Bank or Financial institution. The gold article or ornament pledged must be within 18-24 carats of gold. Each family has some gold articles with them and this saves at the ti...

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    The method for getting a gold loan differs from one bank to another. A gold loan is simple in concept: you promise your gold items and receive the loan amount in return. To do so, take the gold you want to pledge together with the relevant papers to a lending institution. The lender determines ...

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  • Why Eligibility Factors Are Set Up By Lenders

    There are many kinds of loans that are available in the market provided by different banks and financial institutions. Some of them are home renovation loans, wedding loans, travel loans, debt consolidation loans, medical loans, higher education loans, small personal loans, gold loans, car loans,...

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  • Why is there No Income Proof to Obtain this Loan?

    As a coin has two sides, similarly these gold loans also have two sides such as advantages and disadvantages. So, let us discuss a few advantages of gold loans: Faster processing: Gold loans are secured loans which do not require much of verification work of documents and very simple eligibili...

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