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  • Some best way to perfect the Personal Loan

      These are some of the things you should always keep in mind whenever applying for a personal loan. 1. Always credit score evaluation  Submitting your credit score to any bank now comes the next step. The branch of the bank where you have submitted your credit score...

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    503 days ago

  • Rights Of People While Having Personal Loan

    Who are CIBIL and their role? Credit Information Bureau of India Limited (CIBIL), through which they share credit details, including information on all borrowers' current/previous loan transactions (even if they are closed and there is no outstanding with the bank). Banks send CIBIL their int...

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    427 days ago

  • Education Purpose Personal Loan

    Personal Loan Benefits : A Personal Loan does not require any type of collateral or security. The loan is disbursed the same day it is applied for.The Interest rates on personal loans range from 10.75% to 21.30% per annum.  A personal loan is not the same as a student loan. The Personal ...

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    411 days ago

  • What are the common reasons for Personal Loan?

      A personal loan is a high amount of borrowing money that one borrows from a bank for various purposes. One may take a personal or consolidation of their debts. One can use a personal loan for his studies, home renovations, weddings, and many more things according to a person's choice. P...

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    408 days ago

  • Personal Loans For Funding Education

                              Salaried and self-employed individuals both can apply for a personal loan. This type of loan is a short to long term loan variant. It doesn’t enforce any cap on end-user on how the funds can be used....

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    392 days ago


    Personal loans are unsecured so take it very carefully and therefore lenders consider them riskier than secured personal loans. This means personal loans attract a higher rate of interest rate. However, because of the ease with which these loans can be obtained and the flexibility to use the fund...

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    359 days ago