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  • Gold Loan During A Pandemic

    The Reserve Bank of India has new rules and regulation for a gold loan on increasing the value of the loan by 90% which is very beneficial. Borrowers can get relief and can unlock more of their value.So thereafter Ratio will be going to its early limit of 75% For fresh gold loan which will...

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    435 days ago

  • Gold Loan Interest Rates

                               Five Important Things About Gold Loan 1) Age: To avail of a gold loan, you should be at least 18 years old and not beyond 75 yrs. 2) Loan amount: Banks offer about 75%-80% of the gold amount after ...

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  • How gold rate and gold loan work together

    Gold loans are the easiest and fastest way to get money against loans. So, basically gold loan is a type of a secured loan that the bank or the lender offers against gold (gold jewellery, utensils etc.). Now, the loan that these banks and lenders offer is a certain percentage of the total value...

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  • Can a long tenure period be availed for a gold loan?

    Certain factors affect the loan conditions, and everyone should follow that to get a gold loan. These factors are as mentioned below- 1) The gold loan is, as we know, a short-term loan, and its repayment tenure is also accordingly short only, ranging from 3 months to 3 years depending on the l...

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  • Why is there No Income Proof to Obtain this Loan?

    As a coin has two sides, similarly these gold loans also have two sides such as advantages and disadvantages. So, let us discuss a few advantages of gold loans: Faster processing: Gold loans are secured loans which do not require much of verification work of documents and very simple eligibili...

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  • About Gold Loan And Rates

      This is why the Gold Loan facility is one of the fastest-growing products compared to Bank's other products. You can overcome all your financial problems by committing your gold ornaments to a gold loan if you face financial problems. You must submit your ornaments as collateral in exch...

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