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  • What is a Gold Rate

    There is a lot of gold in this world. It can be melted and molded into gold coins and jewelry. But the real issue falls down when we have to supply it. As there are no gold mines in India so we bring in the gold from different countries. Along with the supply, there’s a huge transportatio...

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    364 days ago

  • What are the current gold rate

    As India is the world's largest consumer of gold, it also has a huge market for gold and gold jewellery (nearly 20-25% of total world consumption). Gold, trendy jewelry, gold coins or gold bars are bought by people. Investments and traders interested in commodities trade are also consumed, often ...

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    364 days ago


    Gold jewellery loans are available from most Indian banks and financial institutions to salaried workers, business people, and self-employed professionals. Farmers and traders are also included. A jewelry loan may be applied for by any Indian person over the age of 18 and up to 70. If the credi...

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    358 days ago

  • How to Calculate Gold Rate

    Indians are known to buy gold, especially around Akshaya Tritiya, Dhanteras, and Diwali. Their jewellery is the coin, etc. Although we spend hours selecting what we want in the local market, we do not generally question the quoted price. That's not right. You should not blindly rely on the price ...

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    362 days ago

  • A senior Person avail Gold Loan

    These loans, which are always secured by gold ornaments in the home, will help us achieve our financial goals and save us money in times of need. Gold loans are available from most banks and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) with various repayment terms. As a result, you should carefully weig...

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    359 days ago

  • Gold Loan EMI calculator

    Over time, gold has proven to be an excellent investment strategy. You can get an Axis Bank gold loan to meet an urgent cash need by pledging your gold jewellery or gold coins as collateral. Axis Bank provides a loan against gold with lower interest rates. Axis Bank, as one of the largest gold lo...

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    346 days ago

  • Banks Cut Interest Rates On Gold Loans For Farmers

    Agriculture is mainly preferred by almost all the sectors as all the sectors and economy know that instead of getting imported the processing and the raw materials from outside the country is better that it will be self-sufficient for which these things are encouraged for enhancing the agricult...

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    331 days ago


      Well, a majority of the Indian populace lives on hard and fast profits and couple that with the constant month-to-month expenditure, there may be continually nearly a hard and fast quantity of financial savings left that is genuinely now no longer sufficient to shop for the luxuries and...

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    330 days ago

  • Housing Bubble That Will Make Gold Shine?

    Gold loan is a type of loan where one needs to provide gold as a collateral to the bank for security against the loan. Gold Rate Today for 10g of 24 carat gold is 48,630.00 Indian Rupee. Gold market price can have a direct impact on the gold loan. The price of gold decides the loan amount. One ...

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    329 days ago

  • Gold Loan For Medical Emergencies

       Legal organizations like Banks and Non-Banking Financial institutions have been providing loans against gold for more than a few decades and are helping millions in different ways through them. A gold loan is a secured loan, which means it requires collateral for the loan amount. Th...

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    328 days ago